Trump's genious

I suspect mister Donald Trump of playing a genius but dangerous "game". Let me try to explain.
  1. Make all sorts of hyper-extreme statements in the press, by which extremists are inspired to vote for you.
  2. Keep up this "good mood" till election day and have yourself elected.
  3. Inform the whole world the next day, as President Elect, that NONE of the statements that you spoke out previously will make part of Trump's goals, which enables Trump to now appoint some intelligent people around him.
  4. Threaten Trump's adversaries (dictators, etcetera) that they must "keep quiet", because he can claim - based upon his victory with it - to 'speak on behalf of the American People' to use extreme 'force' to make change for the better possible.
Basically: It might well be, very intelligently too, that Trump is now playing winning-poker, in order to gain an absolute and gigantic maximum FREEDOM and LIBERTY of acting against the evil rulers of this world, which no President before him could have dreamed of having. There are examples of such intelligence known in the business world of which i make part, but… It is very very tricky. However: Trump has nothing to loose, has he?